Good news from Pelosi: Ilhan Omar has a "different experience in the use of words"

Serious question: Does Pelosi think Omar is mentally disabled?

Watching this clip after yesterday’s spin, I feel like tomorrow she’s going to tell us that Omar is developmentally the equivalent of a four-year-old. “No, really, I caught her playing with dolls during a caucus meeting once. We’re going to hire someone to watch her during the day.”

Omar graduated from college with a double major and is currently a policy fellow at the University of Minnesota. She’s plenty smart. And more importantly, she’s been corrected in her “use of words” by Jewish allies before. For some reason, the lessons simply will not take.

Some Jewish leaders in her home state of Minnesota say Ms. Omar’s comments are becoming too repetitive to be accidental. They have met with her repeatedly and made their views known after statements she has made this year and in the past.

Last month, when she apologized for a tweet linking Jews with money, and said she was still learning, that rang untrue to Minneapolis state Sen. Ron Latz, who lives in Ms. Omar’s district.

“She claimed ignorance about the impact of what she was saying,” he said. “I was thinking, wait a minute, she can’t claim that, I met with her.”

She can claim that if it turns out she has the IQ of an inbred puppy, as Pelosi seems to believe.

Jokes aside, I do think Omar’s background will help Democrats blunt the fallout from the past week. If a native-born Democrat, especially a white one, had barfed up Omar’s point about dual loyalty, there’d be nowhere for leadership to run by spinning it as some sort of “cultural misunderstanding.” As it is, Pelosi’s bald-faced lie about Omar’s alleged difficulties in saying what she means might be a shrewd way of papering this over with pro-Israel Dems. They might not really believe it, but they also don’t want a protracted war with their own party. If Pelosi’s contrite enough to casually demean Omar in this way to try to placate them, maybe they’ll pretend to believe it in the interest of reconciliation.

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