Just FYI: The killer robot dogs are already learning how to do backflips

To cleanse the palate, I assumed that they already knew how to do backflips based on the fact that they know how to dance.

Oh, and the fact that the truly scary humanoid robots that will murder us all once they become sentient have been doing backflips for around 18 months now.

This is a rare non-menacing entry in the genre of robot viral videos, though, insofar as the dudes who built this thing practically high-five with glee over their “cheetah” pulling off a goofy stunt. There are intellectual reasons for that — a robot that can be made to backflip elegantly can obviously be made to do much more — but it feels like a robot version of “Stupid Pet Tricks.” Left to their own devices, you get the sense that the most ominous thing these nerds would teach their machines to do is fetch beers from the fridge or smoke a robo-bowl.