Meghan McCain to Tulsi Gabbard: When I hear your name, I think "Assad apologist"

This is the most John McCain thing she’s ever said on “The View.” It’s also the second straight day in which she’s greeted a prominent political guest by essentially telling them to their face that they suck.

Which is not meant as a criticism. Those guests have sucked.

I used to think “Assad apologist” when I heard Gabbard’s name but after watching her exchange here with Ana Navarro over Venezuela I’ll think “Maduro stooge” going forward. She’s giving you the regime line about opposition leader Juan Guaido, after all: Even though it was the Venezuelan National Assembly that declared Guaido interim president under the country’s constitution last month, Gabbard is treating it as another instance of the United States choosing another country’s leader. She’s smearing a popular revolt against an autocrat who’s driven the country to the brink of ruin as some sort of colonialist plot. The fact that a stalwart Trump-basher like Navarro is on the other side of the argument underscores how deep in the tank Gabbard is. The last thing Navarro wants to do in any situation is defend a Trump policy. She’s left no choice.

Anyway, congrats to McCain in getting Gabbard to admit that Assad has used chemical weapons, even though she quickly adds that his enemies have used them too and therefore, I guess, the moral scales are balanced. Gabbard hasn’t always been so willing to acknowledge Assad’s culpability, though. That’s how she achieved “apologist” status in the first place. She earned it.

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