Question for Kamala Harris: What do you say to people who criticize you for marrying a white man?

Via the Examiner, I’m guessing that the hosts of a show on Power 105.1 in NYC aren’t referring here to criticism from the alt-right about how race-mixing dilutes white blood or whatever. There are elements within the Woke Brigades that view intermarriage as problematic from the left, as evidence of racial inauthenticity in the spouse who’s black. And those elements must exist in pretty robust numbers to make this topic one that the hosts thought it was worth addressing in their scant 40 minutes of face time with a Democratic presidential candidate.

Big day for the horseshoe theory, is what I’m saying.

David Rutz wondered in response to the clip: Are we sure that anyone actually has a problem with Harris’s marriage? This sounded to him like the alleged “black Stormtrooper” controversy when “The Force Awakens” trailer first debuted. A handful of people on Twitter harrumphed at the thought of a Stormtrooper being anything but white, various media outlets descended upon those tweets as evidence that racism in America finds no grievance too trivial, and a fake controversy was born. Are real-world people really dinging Harris for marrying a white guy?

It’s a fair question. But the answer is yes.

Watkins isn’t any ol’ Twitter rando. He’s an economist and appears frequently on TV. He’s comfortable making this argument publicly, I think, because it’s not all that controversial within his niche of the left. As I say, imagine how intense listener interest in the subject must be for the hosts who interviewed Harris to have felt obliged to raise it with her, notwithstanding their own discomfort with the subject.

But maybe Harris welcomes the conversation. It makes her sympathetic, after all. And every minute spent discussing whether racial intermarriage is okay in the year of our lord 2019 is a minute not spent discussing subjects that might prove knottier for her on the left:

She admitted in this same interview to getting baked in college and listening to Tupac and Snoop Dogg — which was a lie, unless she had a time machine — but that story might be relatable enough for Democratic voters to convince them to ignore the fact that she was happy to enforce marijuana laws as a prosecutor after flouting them herself.

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