Sunday morning talking heads

Presidents tend to keep their distance from the Sunday shows but Super Bowl Sunday is an exception. The viewing audience is too yuuuge to pass up, even with another gigantic audience lined up for the State of the Union less than 72 hours from now. Trump is thus the star guest this morning, sitting down with CBS’s Margaret Brennan for a two-part interview. The first will air on “Face the Nation” this morning, the second will air at 3:30 ET as part of the Super Bowl pre-game show. Expect questions about the border-wall standoff with Congress, withdrawal from the INF treaty, the Democrats’ increasingly balls-out endorsement of infanticide, and of course Russiagate.

Trivia: According to CBS, the first Super Bowl pre-game interview with a U.S. president came in 2004, when Jim Nantz interviewed Dubya. The MVP of the game that day was … Tom Brady. The sonofabitch might still be playing in 2034 when Secretary-General Ocasio-Cortez sits down with state television for her own pre-game chat.

Elsewhere this morning, the top Senate Republicans in charge of appropriations will be on to discuss negotiations with Democrats about border security. It’s committee chairman Richard Shelby on “State of the Union” and subcommittee chair (for Homeland Security) John Hoeven on “Fox News Sunday.” Here’s a taste of Trump’s CBS interview, posted early to generate interest.

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