Welp: Yearbook page for pro-infanticide Ralph Northam features a man in blackface and another in a KKK outfit; Update: "Deeply sorry"

Go figure that a guy with a Klan photo in his yearbook would have a strong stomach for killing innocents.

In fairness to him, a lot of dumb kids did offensive things back when they were [checks notes] 25 years old. In medical school.


This is his medical school yearbook.

It was Big League Politics that found the photo. It started circulating on conservative Twitter, then the Virginian-Pilot checked BLP’s work and found that, yep, the photo’s legit. Now we wait for the follow-up story: Is Northam the guy in the hood, or the one in blackface? And which is worse?

I can imagine the headline already. “Conservatives pounce on photo of state governor in regional attire.”

By the way, this guy defeated a formidable Republican in Ed Gillespie by nearly 10 points to become governor in 2017. Crack job by Gillespie’s oppo team in missing the other candidate’s BLACKFACE/KLANSMAN YEARBOOK PHOTO.

Update: My instinct is that Northam will apologize profusely and that this’ll blow over. The media won’t demand a scalp, after all, especially with this guy the new national spokesman for infanticide. But…


A black would-be governor is waiting in the wings if Governor Blackface steps down. Hmmm.

Update: Stellar.



Update: You can be indulged a bit of youthful Klan-costuming so long as you’re sufficiently woke now.

Update: The apology arrives at a little after 6 p.m. ET.

Good enough? A Republican would be dead on arrival, needless to say. At a minimum, he’ll need to call a press conference, show his remorse to the cameras, and explain how the photo came about. Lots of embarrassment ahead. I think the left will cut him a break. They can’t spare an abortion warrior as ferocious as Ralph!

Update: “Coonman”?

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