Check your white privilege, says CNN contributor to ... black conservative

To cleanse the palate, via Mediaite and the Free Beacon, you know who David Webb is and I know who David Webb is.

But Areva Martin pretty clearly doesn’t know who David Webb is.

The most surprising thing here is how she handles her mistake, though. There’s no harried scramble in the heat of the moment to save face by claiming that Webb, although “technically” black, really does enjoy “white privilege” by dint of his niche in conservative media like Fox News or whatever. She pretty much eats it on her error. Such is the state of left-right dialogue in the year of our lord 2019: Screwing up a critique made from the standpoint of wokeness and then backing down when meritoriously challenged practically qualifies as newsworthy.

In related news about CNN killing it with their choice of contributors, they edged out MSNBC to win the coveted John Kasich sweepstakes. Exit question via Matt Welch: How is it ethical for a news organization to hire someone as a “commentator” who’s openly discussing running for president? Getting paid by CNN to essentially campaign on their airwaves is a dynamite deal for Kasich. In what way is it a good deal for an outlet that’s ostensibly devoted to journalism? But then, look who we’re talking about here.