Rashida Tlaib on calling Trump an MFer: I will never apologize for being a passionate woman of color

She will, however, apologize for having been a “distraction” for her party. Which I assume means she and Nancy have had a talk since she said what she said.

No word yet on whether she’ll also apologize for having engaged in some light anti-semitism on Twitter or whether being a passionate woman of color excuses her from that. I’m going to guess “no” and “yes,” respectively.

Her reference to being a “woman of color” isn’t just her lame way of deflecting criticism of her choice of language, though. (It is partly, of course.) If you missed it earlier, read this post to understand the unusual electoral circumstances Tlaib is facing in 2020. Virtually every member of the House who won in November will be favored for reelection in 2020; that’s the nature of incumbency, especially for those who represent solid blue or red districts. Tlaib is an exception. Her district is solid blue but her victory in the Democratic primary was a fluke. She won with less than a third of the vote thanks to the district’s black majority splintering among multiple candidates. If the field clears for a single black challenger in the 2020 primary, she’s in a lot of trouble. Hence her emphasis here on being a “woman of color”: It’s a pitch to voters back home that she and they should identify with each other even though her potential Democratic competition might reflect the district’s demographics better. And she’s making that pitch in the context of a high-profile attack on Trump, which is always good for a blue-district Democrat’s polling.

I doubt Pelosi will be sorry to see her go. The fewer the loose cannons within the ranks, the better for leadership.

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