Trump: It can't be legal that NBC and SNL are allowed to shill for Democrats

The worst thing about this tweet isn’t him pining for some sort of Fairness Doctrine for comedy, or even that he says quarter-baked nonsense like this so idly and regularly that no one much cares anymore. It’s the fact that SNL’s lame satire is capable of getting under his skin. Just watch the clip below. How fragile is your ego if a terrible impressionist like Alec Baldwin is haunting your quiet hours in the morning?

Every presidential tweet from now on should end with “Collusion?” regardless of subject, just for fun. This one especially:

One of the data sites should fire up Lexis-Nexis and see how many public officials, let alone presidents, they can find over the past 50 years describing anyone as a “rat” for cooperating with federal prosecutors. He’s right that it’s unusual for the FBI to raid a lawyer’s office, but they didn’t “break into” anything. They had a warrant from a federal judge and the approval of Trump’s own deputy AG. And virtually everything they took was non-privileged. Trump himself told Fox News two days ago that Cohen “did more public relations than he did law.”

This is the logical flip side of White House messaging about the Stormy and McDougal payoffs, though. Side one: What the president did wasn’t illegal. Side two: What his enemies are doing is illegal. Like the FBI “breaking into” offices via the same proper legal procedures cops all over America use every day. And like SNL, uh, goofing on him a lot. It’s basic gaslighting. Now that every organization he’s ever run is under scrutiny for impropriety, it’s time for all of the scrutinizers to come under investigation for impropriety too. If everyone’s a criminal of some stripe then it’s unfair to punish any particular individual for being one, right? Who are we to sit in judgment?

I like the hint in his Cohen tweet that the FBI’s chief error here was not “breaking into” more offices, though. He’s not complaining that the feds have gone rogue (as he sees it), he’s complaining that they haven’t gone rogue in a more evenhanded way. Hopefully 2020 will be a grand national debate on whose offices should be broken into.