Is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer "problematic"?

Am I the only righty who thinks HuffPost is basically trolling with this very widely circulated clip? True, granted, they’re a liberal site and liberal sites aren’t known for their sense of humor about “problematic” culture. But they’re getting slapped around for it by conservatives and conservative fellow travelers, including Donald Trump Jr, and when I watch the video my clear sense is that they’re winking at hyper-woke analyses of innocuous kiddie fare.

I mean, it’s posted on their site under the heading “Comedy.” The story beneath is just a round-up of Twitter users snarking while watching the program, with author Ed Mazza referring to their comments as “humorous observations.”

Look at it this way: If “Rudolph” were truly problematic, it’d be banned from Twitter. You know how the people who run that site feel about wrong-think.

Here’s a sample tweet, arch and clever, from HuffPost’s story that captures the vibe of the commentary. “Rudolph” is a parable about inclusiveness, in which his peers overcome their silly prejudices and learn to celebrate him for being different…

…but only after that difference proves useful to them by helping to guide Santa’s sleigh:

Our lefty friends aren’t saying we can’t enjoy it at face value. They’re merely asking us to recognize that Santa is a bourgeois parasite who tolerates diversity among the proletariat only to the extent he can profit from it — but in a fun way! With lots of cute animation and hijinks. I’m pretty sure the show’s not off-limits to their kids yet. But wokeness is a moving target. By 2025, we’ll probably see HuffPost covering this again in the “Culture” category. Shudder.