Missouri Democratic state legislator: Let's face it, Claire McCaskill is a piece of sh*t

Every day I’m told that there’s no common ground between the parties. But I don’t know.

Reading this, I feel like there’s some.

Seriously, though, if you asked me to rank all 49 Democratic senators on the extent to which they’re pieces of sh*t, McCaskill is probably bottom 10. (Well, bottom 20, perhaps.) It figures in these highly polarized times that even when a Democrat is willing to drop an S-bomb on another Democrat they choose one who’s among the least deserving of the term.

She wasn’t done:

Before all of that, she tweeted this:

“Love thy neighbor,” said the Lord, “even thy neighbor who’s a piece of sh*t.” What was it, you might ask, that angered Chappelle-Nadal so much as to send her off on this anti-McCaskill jag six days before a midterm in which the incumbent will need every Democratic vote she can get? Which grave political offense characteristic of pieces of sh*t is she guilty of?

Turns out that when she was interviewed a few days ago and tried to distinguish herself from “crazy Democrats,” McCaskill was asked to name names — at which point she alluded to Chappelle-Nadal. And what did Chappelle-Nadal do to deserve that? Well, last year she wrote on Facebook … “I hope Trump is assassinated!”

That’s what McCaskill took exception to. So maybe she isn’t the biggest piece of sh*t involved in this tiff.

In fairness to Chappelle-Nadal, though, she did apologize publicly to Trump afterwards. As Jesus said to the apostles at the Last Supper, there’s no piece of sh*t so sh*tty that the Lord won’t forgive if he/she is truly remorseful.

As for the polling in Missouri, Republican operatives are bullish about Josh Hawley’s chances but virtually all of the numbers recently have come from Republican internal polls, not independent surveys. The GOP data has Hawley ahead narrowly, which is good, but narrowly enough that FiveThirtyEight’s model still gives McCaskill a 60 percent chance of winning next week. This, in a state that’s 19 points(!) more Republican than the average U.S. state. Hawley’s in a similar position to Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee, I think: Both have underperformed, making the outcome uncertain in where a stronger nominee would be on track to victory even in a national climate that’s favorable to Democrats. If I had to bet right now, I’d gamble on Blackburn winning and Hawley losing for the simple reason that Blackburn’s running for an open seat whereas Hawley’s facing a two-term incumbent. It will be very hard to swallow if deep red Mizzou goes blue again in the Senate, but oh well. McCaskill is one of the luckiest politicians in America.