Shep Smith on the caravan: There's no invasion, no one's coming to get you, nothing at all to worry about

That’s easy to say when you can afford bodyguards and don’t have to fight the Antifa super-soldiers from Honduras yourself, buddy. Watch, then read on:

Shep has taken it upon himself to try to chill out Fox News viewers about the caravan en route from Central America. The left has been ruthless lately in flogging Fox for its programming on the subject, particularly the claim that George Soros’s money might be behind it. Fox Business ended up denouncing comments made on its own airwaves over the weekend by someone at Judicial Watch, who alleged that the “Soros-occupied State Department” was funding the caravan. He was ultimately banned him from the network. Here’s another bon mot from just this afternoon:

Leprosy and smallpox are what’s mentioned in the clip, even though smallpox exists nowadays only in a pair of tightly-guarded laboratories in the U.S. and Russia. This guy seems to be playing mad libs with the scariest diseases he can think of without regard for whether those diseases even exist in nature anymore. As for Soros, that seems like mad libs too, particularly with respect to the timing: Virtually everyone, left and right, agrees that the caravan is a great issue for Trump insofar as it refocuses public attention on illegal immigration. Every time the issue is mentioned to a Democrat they seem ready to drop a “no comment” and flee the scene. Even if you believed Soros or some other American lefty would be willing to front money to keep the caravan going, why would they do it right before the midterms? Politically it’s a gift for Republicans and border hawks.

I’ll make Shep a deal. I’ll agree not to worry about smallpox or Soros-backed MS-13 platoons if he pretends to worry, just a little, that one of our two major parties seems not only disinterested in, but actively hostile to, border enforcement (for all but violent criminals). I realize he’s a man of the left but these lectures about Trump’s — and his own network’s — scaremongering on the border would be more persuasive if his fellow travelers weren’t offering an alternative in which accepting illegals seemingly without limit on asylum grounds is the only non-racist solution. If the choices are between “foreigners should decide how many immigrants we accept” and “we should decide how many immigrants we accept because some are infected with killer cooties,” I’ll take door number two since at least it grants Americans a measure of sovereignty over their own country. America cannot, in fact, “handle it” if the left-wing party that might control the White House in three years effectively wants open borders, which it does. How about it, Shep? Deal?

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