Sunday morning talking heads

Among the more trivial forms of fallout from the arrest of the mail-bomb suspect is the Sunday shows having to tear up this morning’s scripts. The plan had been to preview the midterms with campaign officials from both parties. That’s still scheduled, but it’ll be back-burnered for chitchat about Cesar Sayoc and the inevitable pile-on of Trump.

The election-related guests are the heads of the NRCC and DCCC, Steve Stivers and Ben Ray Lujan, respectively. They’ll be on “Meet the Press” and “Fox News Sunday” to size up the GOP’s chances of holding the House (slim) or at least holding Democrats to a small majority (better). Given the near-certainty of Trump remaining president through 2020 and the likelihood of Republicans maintaining control of the Senate, I’m not sure why Democrats would care how small or large their House majority is so long as they have one. Nothing they pass will be signed into law; the benefit of having a majority for the next two years will be control of House committees, so that they can investigate POTUS.

One interview worth watching is Paul Ryan’s appearance on “Face the Nation.” He’s two months from retirement, almost free to speak his mind about Trump — but not quite yet with the election still two weeks away. Can’t afford any intraparty schisms when control of the House hangs in the balance. So when he’s asked what he thinks of Sayoc and how the president has handled the matter, he’ll have no choice but to say something supportive. Check back with him and ask again in mid-November, though!

I’m curious to see if the White House dispatches anyone to discuss the bomb plot this morning or if they’ll quietly pass on the whole matter. No one was booked as of Saturday but that can always change last-minute. It feels like a Kellyanne Conway kinda moment, to be honest. The full line-up is at the AP.