Reports: Bombs sent to Soros, CNN were hand-delivered

People on social media have noticed that there appear to be no postal cancellation marks on the package in the photo of the bomb that was sent to CNN. There’s a reason for that:

Why’d he put stamps on the damned thing, then? To make it seem plausible at a glance to the recipient that the package really did come through the mail from Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office and was safe to open? Parsing the logic of crazy people is always a thankless task.

Anyway, someone must have seen the bomber. Either he himself was the courier or he handed off the package to a delivery service and made payment. Which raises a question: Why? If he was willing to send a bomb in the mail to some of his targets, like Maxine Waters, why take the risk of being seen by witnesses via hand delivery?

Does he want to get caught?

It wasn’t just CNN’s bomb that was hand-delivered. Per ABC:

A pipe bomb loaded with explosive black powder was hand-delivered to the suburban New York City home of billionaire financier George Soros by a would-be attacker, prompting the FBI to launch an investigation into who would want to harm the philanthropist and political activist, a law enforcement source told ABC News on Tuesday…

Law enforcement is now investigating if the device actually came through a private package-delivery service and whether it was hand delivered or came through some delivery system, the source said.

CNN’s headquarters is in Manhattan. Soros’s home is in a suburb of New York City. Am I right in thinking that all of the other bombs reported today — the Obamas, the Clintons, Maxine Waters (nothing was sent to Andrew Cuomo, contra earlier reports) — were intercepted in the mail? If so, that makes me wonder if the bomber himself is based in the NYC area. Everything nearby seems to have been sent by courier or hand-delivered personally whereas everything else went through the mail.

The modern archetype of the mad bomber is the diabolically clever Ted Kaczynski but this smells more like the degenerate who murdered several people in Austin, Texas earlier this year. He was good enough at his craft to build lethal devices but shockingly poor at being an elusive supervillain: He was pinched after Fed Ex packages were traced back to a particular facility, where surveillance footage had captured a man in a bad wig and latex gloves dropping off a couple of boxes. It wasn’t long after that the feds caught up to him. If in fact someone saw the new bomber in accepting his packages for hand-delivery, it won’t be long before we have a “who” and a “why,” particularly given the high profile of the targets in this case.

Another interesting detail:

It’d be weird, to put it mildly, if ISIS or an ISIS copycat were targeting Democrats only, but you never know. Here’s Trump delivering the requisite denunciation, which will do nothing to spare him from blame if in fact the bomber turns out to be a Trump fan. (It’s already started, in fact.) I’ll update this thread as developments warrant this afternoon. Stay tuned…