The mob comes for Nancy Pelosi

A leftover from yesterday. It’s not a left-wing mob targeting a member of Congress this time but a right-wing one.

As I said in this post, the hallmark of a mob is its intent to intimidate:

The more a “protest” transgresses traditional boundaries, the more likely it is to be seen as intimidating, the more the word “mob” fits. When you show up at a politician’s home or descend on him during a meal to show him that he’ll have no peace anywhere; when you call his personal phone to let him know that you can find him wherever he tries to hide; when you hammer on the doors of the Supreme Court to show those inside that you’d be willing to break them down to get at them, that’s a mob. The message in every case is the same: There’s no place you can go, even temporarily, that we can’t reach you. All three tactics aim to frighten by showing that certain rules of civil discourse no longer apply, which implies that other, even more basic rules of civility might no longer apply either.

Watch the clip. Not only do you have some highly vitriolic nastiness being thrown at her, you have people banging on the doors she’s just passed through by the end. Pretty straightforward mobbishness. If I can see it here, why can’t Brooke Baldwin see it there?

Republican pols were quick to take Pelosi’s side on Twitter as this clip made the rounds, which is both decent and politically smart. No one should be intimidated like this, least of all a 78-year-old grandmother. And to do it when your side’s campaigning on a “Jobs, Not Mobs” line makes it not just immoral but exceedingly stupid.

You all know why Scalise has a special interest in civility. Cruz has also gotten more than his fair share of this lately from the left, probably because he’s set to dash their hopes for their new political heartthrob in Texas next month. Credit where it’s due, though: Beto himself has also spoken out against mob behavior directed at his opponent.

In lieu of an exit question, click and scroll through the replies he got to that tweet. The Good People on both sides always believe the Bad People have it coming.