The obligatory "Rosie wanted a military coup or something after Trump won" post

A leftover from yesterday on a slow-news Friday. She’s not fully serious here but not fully kidding either. The part about wanting to send troops to the White House to get Trump is a laugh line; the part about wanting martial law imposed until the Russiagate mess is sorted out seems a bit more “kidding on the square.”

Also of note: It took her a year after Trump won to compose herself? Good lord. That’s what happens, I guess, when you come out on the wrong end of one of the most savage celebrity feuds of the 21st century and then the troll who owned you ends up being elected president.

Anyway, of course it’s absurd to believe that the military would ever move against Trump. He’s a right-wing populist consumed with projecting “strength.” Why, I bet among active-duty troops he’s the most popular president since– [record scratch]

Most enlisted troops support Trump but a majority of active-duty officers view him unfavorably. Among active-duty women soldiers, he polls at 26/68 — worse than he does among American women generally. Hoo boy.

No worries, though, there won’t be a coup. If we elect Kanye president in 2024, though? Then there’ll be a coup, probably before he finishes his inaugural address. Which would be a shame, as that’s sure to be a speech for the ages.

Oh: Yes, that’s Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace seated next to Rosie in the clip. Which makes her the most right-wing person on the panel.