Friendly reminder from Louis Farrakhan: I'm not an anti-semite, I'm "anti-termite"; Update: No violation, says Twitter

Well, that clears it up then.

Some conservatives on Twitter are wondering why the clip below, posted by Farrakhan’s own account, isn’t grounds for being banned from the platform. Fair question. Fair enough, in fact, that Twitter HQ might end up agreeing, if only to blunt the recurring accusations of a double standard in this case. If it stays up, though, the reason is that because Farrakhan has many admirers among black Americans he qualifies as “progressive” no matter how much Goebbels-style bilge about vermin might escape his lips. There’s no other explanation for why Bill Clinton would have felt comfortable appearing onstage with him six weeks ago. If Democrats, particularly black Democrats, say Farrakhan’s okay then he’s okay. Next subject.

Not all Clintons agree, though, it should be noted:

You would think the left would push to expunge this cretin if only so that there wasn’t an obvious “tu quoque” waiting for them when they criticize Trump’s alt-right fans. But that would be dangerous: To many Dems, the lesson of 2016 as illustrated by yet another Clinton is that the party needs black voters energized if it wants to win the presidency. Confront Farrakhan and some of those voters are staying home. So they won’t.

My favorite part here is him crowing about how Jews have made him globally famous by … complaining about his vicious bigotry towards them. If only they’d silently and passively accepted his hatred!

Update: And there you have it.