Avenatti's new Super PAC raised less than $12,000 last quarter

Via former GOP consultant Liam Donovan, who knows his way around a FEC report much better than I do.

Yep, follow the link to the numbers for “The Fight PAC” and you’ll find this. Click to enlarge:

Lest you doubt that that’s the same “Fight PAC” as Avenatti’s, you’ll find the link to his PAC’s website at the bottom of the report’s info page. To be clear, this “quarterly” report isn’t a true quarterly report: Avenatti’s PAC didn’t launch until August 23, meaning that the figures above account for donations received over the span of just five and a half weeks, not three months. Still, raising $11,907.98 in 38 days means he’s averaging just $313 per day in donations despite him promoting The Fight PAC on his Twitter feed, which is approaching 900,000 followers.

But when you look at the donations page of the report, it’s actually worse than that. A single donor kicked in $5,000. Another individual contributed $1,000, meaning that more than half of The Fight PAC’s haul came from just two people. Exclude them from the calculations and the group raised around 155 bucks per day since late August from the rest of the population.

Which raises a question. Between this and the fact that he’s polling at one percent in early 2020 surveys, might it be that the alleged threat from Fightin’ Mike Avenatti to the Democratic primary field is … wildly overblown? The Kavanaugh fiasco didn’t endear him to the party either:

If he was in fact serious [with Julie Swetnick’s allegations], “f***ing give it to another lawyer that’s not radioactive,” the senior Democratic aide said. “Don’t let yourself be the issue.”

“He’s so nakedly political,” another Democratic aide to a Senate Judiciary Committee member said. “It was everything that Dr. Ford and Deborah Ramirez weren’t.”

“He’s so similar to Donald Trump, it’s unbelievable,” the aide added. “I bet you can’t find one Democratic staffer to tell you, even off the record, that Michael Avenatti was helpful.”

“He f***ed it all up,” said another senior Democratic aide to the Hill of Avenatti’s handling of the Swetnick matter. Why the media isn’t pressuring him every day to produce the corroborating witnesses he claims he has for Swetnick’s affidavit, I don’t know. Kavanaugh didn’t leave the planet; he cleared the confirmation hurdle but that should only make him a fatter target for Avenatti — if, that is, the latter has anything solid on him. If he does, why’s he holding back? Isn’t the media curious as to why Avenatti seems to have lost interest in proving that a Supreme Court justice engaged in gang rape?

Here he is weighing in on the day’s events. Exit question: Does The Fight PAC’s lame fundraising haul explain why Avenatti tried to piggyback on Beto O’Rourke’s online fundraising campaign last week?


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