Arizona Dem Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema, 2010: My state is the "meth lab of democracy"

She’s always been a little different from other Democrats. For instance, it’s “Kyrsten” with a “y,” not an “i.” She’s also the only member of either house of Congress (last time I checked) who admits to having no religious affiliation.

Oh, and whereas most liberals are content to hate America, she apparently hates her home state too.

Which is … not a great thing to do when you’re (a) running for Senate in that state and (b) willing to express your contempt for its voters, repeatedly, in full view of cameras. Between the clip below and the one that emerged of her yesterday calling Arizona Republicans “crazy” in 2011, I’m wondering how many vids like this the GOP might have waiting to drop on her. You’ll note that her “meth lab” comment was delivered to the Daily Kos peanut gallery at Netroots Nation. If Sinema was willing to use her disdain for Arizonans as a laugh line there, she was probably willing to use it in other speeches to liberal crowds in her career before Congress. Gotta be more where this came from.

But don’t underestimate her. She’s run for office at the state or federal level every two years since 2004 and has won every time. And while the recent poll showing Martha McSally suddenly up six on her was encouraging and further evidence of a “Kavanaugh effect” in red-state polling, it’s possible it’s an outlier. A more recent poll from CBS had Sinema up three. Of 15 polls taken in the state since mid-June, Sinema’s led in 12. And she’s not above pandering to her state’s right-leaning voters to stay on their good side, proclaiming a few months ago that the left’s sudden fascination with abolishing ICE made no sense. Put it this way: If there’s a Kavanaugh effect happening in red states, Sinema’s opposition to confirming him should have already finished her before the “meth lab” comment gets a chance to. Has it?

Update: Hoo boy. Another hit from 2011:

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