Just a reminder: We will all be murdered soon by robots

To cleanse the palate at the end of a long day. The bad news is that, with the development of robots capable of doing Parkour, we are now very clearly on track to produce actual Terminators. Watch the first clip below. This thing moves so smoothly that if you’d told me it was a guy in a robot suit, I might have believed you.

The end is approaching. That’s the bad news, but that’s been clear for awhile now.

The good news? Someday before it acquires the capacity to kill, this thing will cameo on “American Ninja Warrior” and set a record for finishing the course in the fastest time ever. We will at least get some decent trash-television out of it before we’re serially exterminated.

Two clips for you here, actually, to inform your exit question: Will the ninjabots and the snakebots join forces against us or will they battle each other for supremacy? First one then the other, right?