Mika Brzezinski: Kellyanne Conway should tell her own story of sexual assault if she wants to call Ford a "Faberge egg"

When I saw Mediaite’s original headline for this clip earlier today, I thought Brzezinski was suggesting that Conway might have lied about being sexually assaulted in order to lend a little moral authority to the White House’s criticisms of Christine Blasey Ford.

But that’s not what she’s saying. Nor is she saying, as some critics have implied, that she thinks Conway should somehow be “forced” to describe the details of her sexual assault.

What she’s saying is that Conway shouldn’t complain about how delicately Ford’s been treated if she’s unwilling to put herself in Ford’s shoes by describing the details of her own assault to a skeptical world. But … that’s goofy. Why shouldn’t Conway or any other woman feel free to question the merits of someone else’s allegation without feeling pressure to disclose their own trauma? Millions of Republican women, I’d guess, have been sexually assaulted at some point and are nonetheless furious at what’s been thrown at Kavanaugh. Some doubtless agree with Conway that Ford’s been treated not just respectfully but delicately by the Republican establishment, up to and including Trump until he finally decided to start mouth-tweeting about her at his rally a few nights ago. After the hearing last week he went so far as to say that her testimony was “very compelling” and that she seemed like a “fine woman,” an almost unprecedented show of graciousness towards someone positioned to do him real political damage. Even his riff about her at the rally boiled down to the same criticism everyone else has: She has gaps in her memory so large that you’re led to wonder how much you can trust her recollection about the identity of her attacker.

Offhand I can’t think of one prominent Republican who’s accused her of outright lying, despite the high political stakes involved her, or who’s thrown at her the sort of casual smears that a woman in an earlier age would have had to endure. In fact, which Republican said this the day after the Post’s original story about Ford appeared in print, while Senate Republicans were still mulling how to handle Ford’s accusation?

“This woman should not be insulted and she should not be ignored,” [X] said during an appearance on Fox News Monday morning. “I think the Senate is headed to a reasonable approach in that it seems to be allowing this woman to be heard in sworn testimony, allowing Judge Kavanaugh to be heard in sworn testimony.”…

“This woman will be heard,” [X] said…

That was, of course, White House aide Kellyanne Conway, setting expectations right out of the chute that Ford deserved the opportunity to tell her story and shouldn’t be attacked for doing so.

If you can spare the time, watch the second clip below with Conway’s “Faberge egg” remarks in full context. If Brzezinski wants to be mad at people for mistreating Ford, why isn’t she mad at Ford’s sleazy lawyers for apparently not making clear to their client that Grassley had offered her the option of testifying privately to spare her the ordeal of a public hearing? Why isn’t she mad at whichever Democratic scumbag leaked the letter Ford had sent to Feinstein, sparking a media wildfire that ultimately flushed Ford out into public view? The left didn’t treat Ford like a Faberge egg. They treated her like a football, more so than Conway or Republicans did. Yet guess which side Mika’s mad at. I wonder why.