Chelsea Clinton: It'd be un-Christian to ... overturn Roe v. Wade

Via the Daily Caller, an Orwellian statement of utmost purity. War is peace, freedom is slavery, the state-sanctioned killing of children in the womb on an industrial scale is what Jesus would want.

Ask me why I drink in the daytime.

Is there a single major Christian denomination that agrees with her, that it’s preferable to let children be killed lawfully so that women don’t take risks to do it unlawfully? The state must condone evil because it’s going to happen anyway and this way at least it’ll be done safely? Even the Woke Pope, who’s spent five years trying to tug the Catholic Church to the left, remains a stickler on this subject.

The worst part here, incidentally, is her self-pitying prediction that she’ll be met with a wave of vitriol for taking this stance. For suggesting that 50 million dead kids is the comparatively “Christian” solution to a social problem.

Why would anyone feel angry about that?

Conservatives like to say that abortion has become a sacrament to the modern left. We didn’t know the half of it.