"Unseemly and unprecedented": Pompeo blasts John Kerry's nuclear discussions with Iran as "beyond inappropriate"

Slowly but surely, against my better judgment, I’m talking myself into believing that Kerry … might get arrested. It’s highly unlikely. It would be unprecedented, quite literally, to haul someone in for violating the Logan Act.

But his nuclear-deal freelancing with Javad Zarif would fit the bill legally. And it isn’t just on Pompeo’s radar. It’s on Trump’s radar too.

Lock him up?


After I read that Trump tweet last night, I figured there was a 5-10 percent chance the DOJ might go after Waffles. After watching the acidic Pompeo clip below from this afternoon, though?

No less than 20. You might even talk me into believing it’s 30. Just watch him spit out the word “troika” in describing the unholy trinity of Kerry, Ernest Moniz, and Wendy Sherman whispering in the Iranians’ ears about resisting U.S. pressure on concessions.

It won’t happen until the lame-duck session, though, if it happens at all. Indicting a former Secretary of State for lobbying foreign diplomats to stick with an international agreement that polls well would have unpredictable political consequences in the midterms. And hey — Kerry might like the idea. The odds of him running for president again are vanishingly small but nothing would build his general Resistance cred like getting pinched by Team Trump for, well, resisting the current foreign policy. If nothing else, he’ll sell way, way more books because of it. We’ve seen many examples in the past few months, from Comey to Andrew McCabe to Peter Strzok to, uh, Michael Cohen: “Martyrdom” at Trump’s hands is lucrative. And nothing would say “martyrdom” to lefties like being hauled into jail because Kerry was willing to go the extra mile — hand-in-hand with the mullahs — to thwart Trump.

Jazz Shaw Jul 05, 2022 12:31 PM ET