Oh yes, John Kerry is still refusing to rule out a 2020 run

With the benefit of time, reflection, and prayer to the atheist gods, I’ve grudgingly made peace with the idea that Stormy Daniels’s media-whore lawyer probably is going to run for president and can’t be ruled out as the eventual nominee. We invited this by nominating Trump. Avenatti is karmic punishment for our hubris. I accept it.

But every man has his limit. Waffles 2.0 is my limit.

There must be some conceptual boundary to the size of the 2020 Democratic clown car. As a matter of pure physics, the Iowa debate stage can only accommodate — what, 40-50 candidates, maybe? Either Kerry or Marianne Williamson gets the last square foot on the dais. And say what you want about Marianne Williamson, I doubt she’d have sent billions to Iran for a fake nuclear detente.

Will he run for president in 2020?

“Talking about 2020 right now is a total distraction and waste of time,” Kerry told Brennan. “What we need to do is focus on 2018. We need to win back the confidence of the country to move in a better direction, and to do it in sensible ways.”

He added, “We are in a moment of crisis for our country. The world is in a moment of crisis.”

Kerry tells Brennan sitting on the sidelines is not possible. But what does that mean for his future? “I’m going to continue to be an activist,” he said. “I’m going to continue to fight.”

“Eh, that’s just a guy clinging to what’s left of his political relevance,” you say. Is it? He’s been teasing a presidential run for nearly a full year now. It was reported in January that he’d told a Palestinian diplomat to be patient with Trump and not do anything to wreck relations with the United States because he was thinking seriously of running for president himself. They might be negotiating with President Kerry before they know it.

Which leads to the inevitable question: When does Al Gore try to get a piece of this action? I’d throw Dukakis into the mix too except that he’s 84, which is — I was going to say “too old,” but President Bernie Sanders would turn 84 not long after his second term gets rolling in 2025. That’s another gift of the Trump era. If we’re willing to reach waaaaay outside the political box to elect the oldest first-term president in American history, why shouldn’t the Dems start tossing wizened geriatric has-beens back into the mix? No more rules!

In fact, Drew McCoy reminds me that Jimmy Carter is constitutionally eligible for one more term. He’d never be nominated, though. He’s way too far right for today’s Democratic Party.

We all laugh about this now, but just wait until 2020 comes and somehow the last two candidates standing in the Democratic primaries are John Kerry and … Eric Holder. Last lefty retread out of the clown car, be sure to turn off the engine.