You know the drill: Time for Cavuto to read the hate mail he got for criticizing Trump on his previous show

As day follows night, so must an anti-Trump Cavuto segment be followed by his viewers calling him fat and questioning if the meds he takes for his many serious health issues have somehow damaged his brain.

What other explanation could there be for concluding that the president sometimes plays loose with the truth?

This is low-key one of my favorite recurring bits on cable news, and a clever gimmick by Cavuto to ease the discomfort of launching a broadside at Trump in the middle of the day on Trump TV. If you’re giving MAGA Nation equal time to call you an idiot for your insolence towards the GOP’s hero, they’re more likely to tolerate it from time to time. Note too when he says, and not for the first time, that he has zero interest in interviewing Trump. Why? Because, he confesses, he’d be so consumed with trying to pin Trump down on his lies and flip-flops that it’d go off the rails — which is not to say, he quickly adds, that the many Fox News reporters who have interviewed him haven’t done a great job.

But … that is what he’s saying, really. If he thinks he couldn’t interview Trump conscientiously without challenging him aggressively on his “reversals,” by implication he’s saying that friendlier interviewers aren’t doing what they should be doing. Maybe the next hate-mail segment he does should focus on the emails he got after this one from “Fox & Friends” hosts.

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