CNN commentator: Andrew Cuomo's right, America has never been great

It’s Angela Rye, whom you might remember from the time she called for tearing down statues of Washington and Jefferson alongside those of Robert E. Lee. Doubling down on the left’s most alienating impulses seems to be her niche on the network.

The part to watch for below is when she tells Trump advisor Gina Loudon that she can’t hope to understand what it’s like not to feel represented, to which Loudon responds that her own son is both a minority and disabled. Which … does not go over well. One surefire trick to winning over an audience: When a mom starts discussing the experiences of her handicapped child, you should definitely [checks notes] look away and roll your eyes in disgust.

As for the tone-deaf dummy who governs New York, Trump took the alley-oop from him yesterday and dunked it:

To which Cuomo replied with a tweet so lame that even the Trump-haters on “Morning Joe” were goofing on him for it:

Normally I’d blame that on a clumsy intern but the redundant parenthetical at the end makes me think that ol’ tin-ears himself might have written it.

His primary opponent’s response to his original comments was more deft:

That’s a clever (and efficient!) zinger, simultaneously questioning Cuomo’s progressive cred and distancing herself from the idea that America’s never been great. Does Cuomo really not speak for most progressives, though? Is Angela Rye some crazy outlier? Leftist politicians disagree with Cuomo because, unlike him, they have a dim awareness that sentiments like his make 75 percent of the electorate retch, but I’d be eager to see a poll on what self-identified liberals think of his comment. Say what you will about lefty pols but they’re pretty astute about knowing which of their actual beliefs the public is and isn’t ready to digest in their unvarnished form. Single-payer? The public wasn’t ready in 2010 — but they are now. Gun confiscation? Not just yet. Assault-weapons ban for now (although we may be moving slowly towards a total ban on semiautomatics). Open borders? Still a bit too soon. “Abolish ICE” is the play today. They’ll get to the truth eventually, though. Gotta pick their spots.