Here we go: Peter Strzok launches Twitter account -- and online fundraiser

Comey’s book was a runaway bestseller. Andrew McCabe’s own online fundraiser raked in half a million dollars despite the fact that his wife’s a doctor. You thought ol’ Pete Strzok was going to turn down some of that easy Resistance money?

WaPo updated its story about his firing earlier this afternoon to include a link to his new GoFundMe page. As I write this, the page has been live for around four hours — and he’s already $30,000 in the black. He could put on a sandwich board that reads “I’M THAT FBI GUY WHO TRUMP HATES,” show up at the next left-wing rally in D.C., and walk away at the end of the day with enough to retire on in Hawaii. At the rate we’re going, progressives might as well start a trust fund for periodic lottery-sized payouts to federal employees who’ve earned Trump’s ire.

It’d be nice to think of Jeff Sessions sailing away on his own yacht after POTUS finally punts him out of office.

For the last year, Pete, his work, and his character have been the target of highly politicized attacks, including frequent slanderous statements from President Trump, who actively—and apparently successfully—pressured FBI officials to fire Pete…

Unlike those who typically become the focus of partisan investigations in Washington, Pete is not politically connected, he’s not a wealthy lobbyist and he’s not interested in using his notoriety for personal gain. Because of this, he doesn’t have deep pockets that allow him to pay for the significant legal bills he has incurred to defend himself and the FBI against these political attacks, or to easily cover the expenses incurred by his lost income.

We are asking you to support a man who has dedicated his life to defending America; to stand up for the freedoms on which this country was built and a government that truly serves the people by protecting all Americans, including dedicated government employees, from constantly being subjected to the whims and influence of politicians.

His bio at the GoFundMe link describes him as a “proud husband.” One noteworthy difference between his fundraiser page and Andrew McCabe’s: McCabe’s stressed that funds would be used for legal defense only. Not Strzok’s. The money he rakes in will be “dedicated to … legal costs and his lost income.” Congratulations on your new Resistance-funded Porsche, Pete.

Here’s his Twitter account, which momentarily contains but one tweet but plenty of “likes” for other people’s tweets about how awesome Peter Strzok is:

He follows 30 other Twitter users, among them Ben Rhodes, John Brennan, and, uh, Rosie O’Donnell, who seems to be the very first account he subscribed to. Either the guy’s *very* susceptible to flattery from Resistance-minded admirers and isn’t too discerning about their political and legal acumen or he’s a big fan of “Riding The Bus With My Sister.”

Bear in mind that literally no one has made it easier for Trump to discredit the Russiagate probe than Strzok did with his texts to Lisa Page, as Aaron Blake astutely notes. He damaged public trust in his agency, showed abysmally poor judgment as an LEO in charge of a highly sensitive investigation, put himself in a position where he could have been blackmailed by foreign intelligence, and has set things up now for Mueller such that any findings adverse to the president can be dismissed by Republicans as products of a Strzok-led witch hunt. He’s destined to be a rich man soon from book sales. And he’ll likely end up as a hot commodity for CNN and MSNBC as a knowledgeable counterterror expert and prominent anti-Trumper.

And despite all that, Resistance halfwits want to buy him a new house.

He’s made another seven grand or so in the time it took me to write this post.

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