Cory Booker reminds you to love your neighbor, unless your neighbor's a Republican

A nifty video illustration by David Rutz and the Free Beacon of the point I made yesterday in this post. In any political body, there are people who’ll preach that what the country needs is more comity and tolerance and people who’ll preach that the other party is the devil and what the country needs is to stop them as a matter of moral urgency.

Somehow, in the U.S. Senate in 2018, the senator most likely to make each of those points is the same guy.

What’s fun about watching the two sides of Booker in quick succession this way is that you can almost see the neon sign in his mind lighting up with “General Election Message” during the peace-and-love parts and “Primary Election Message” during the hate-Republicans part. This is all going to end with either him or an acolyte comparing him to Jesus, someone else who preached love but knew that occasionally you had to get rough with the money-changers in the temple. In a sense, love is just hatred of hate, right? Well, that’s Brett Kavanaugh. Hate personified. Exit question: Which Biblical verse will Booker cite in support of his inevitable abortion-on-demand stance on the stump in 2020?

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