Cancel the lynch mob for that Cubs fan who "stole" a foul ball from a little kid

Mindful of the fact that roughly 80 percent of modern Internet users are outrage junkies forever hunting for the next petty injustice to get their fix, I offer this as a PSA. There is no need to harass this man. There is no need to doxx him, threaten him, wish death on his children, seek to have him fired, and/or do deep-dives into his social media history to see if he might have once posted something arguably racist.

If anything, he might be in line for the flip side of that treatment: The sympathetic GoFundMe set up by strangers to reward random good behavior.

Admittedly, the video looks bad.

Cut4 is an official MLB operation with nearly a million Twitter followers, which means it should be “Internet savvy” and therefore sufficiently aware of the garbage mob culture that now dominates online to think twice about holding up randos to public ridicule without full context.

Because, you see, sometimes context is important.

Via the Sporting News, other fans who were sitting near the two (or claim to have been) confirm it. The “thief” actually helped that same kid get a foul ball earlier in the game. And not just that kid:

The kid ended up with two baseballs by game’s end, the one which the “thief” had helped him get earlier plus a ball autographed by Javier Baez provided by the Cubs themselves after the Cut4 clip went viral. The kid actually ended up with a bigger haul because of the video! It’s like the Cubs did their own little GoFundMe for him.

Plus, would it really have been so bad if the guy had actually stolen the ball from him? Baseball teaches many important life lessons. In life, as in the game, the odds are against you; you will be bored for long stretches of time; and at the end of the “season” you will almost certainly have failed. Mary Katharine Ham adds another: If you want something, kid, you’ve got to earn it.

Handing out foul balls to kids is basically socialism. Even newly minted liberal Jim Comey wouldn’t go for that.