Why is Trump blaming America for its problems with Russia, asks ... "Fox & Friends"

Well, one guy on “Fox & Friends” — Brian Kilmeade. But still. You know POTUS pinched off an unusually stinky tweet-loaf when even the hosts of his favorite show are making the “What smells?” face. Pound for pound this may be the single most offensive thing he’s ever published on social media.


That’s true to the spirit of nationalism, at least, which itself resembles the spirit of leftism. Leftists believe that America has always sucked and won’t improve until they’re in charge. Nationalists counter that America used to be great but began sucking within living memory and of course won’t improve until nationalists are in charge. Common thread: America sucks. Trump is very much a nationalist.

Michael Warren files his tweet away in the disgrace-to-the-office folder:

In one fell swoop, President Trump blamed poor U.S. relations with Russia on the “foolishness and stupidity” of his predecessors in the Oval Office as well as on a criminal and counterintelligence investigation, authorized by Trump’s own Department of Justice, that only days earlier indicted 12 Russian military intelligence agents for interference in the 2016 election. Trump did not attribute those bad relations on Putin’s aggressive incursion and annexation Crimea, territory held by our ally Ukraine, in 2014; not on Putin’s war against the sovereign state of Georgia six years earlier; not on more than a decade of Russian pressure on our allies in eastern Europe; not on Putin’s propping up of Bashar al-Assad’s murderous regime in Syria; not on Russia vetoing six U.S.-backed UN resolutions against Assad since 2012; not on Russia’s courting of ostensible U.S. ally Turkey away from Washington and into Moscow’s sphere of influence; not for Putin’s terrible record on freedom in his own country; and not for numerous other offenses to the free world Putin has so cavalierly made in his nearly two decades of power.

Three days after members of Russian intelligence are indicted for hacking American citizens to try to influence a U.S. presidential election, Trump can’t find anything about Russia to complain about. It’s his own MAGA Apology Tour featuring one very special country, coincidentally the same one that waded into the 2016 campaign on his behalf. The cherry on the sundae is this tweet from Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which couldn’t restrain its own mocking contempt for him. A spirit of mutual conciliation before a summit would have required them to say something here along the lines of “there’s blame to go around, both sides have made mistakes, today is a new chapter,” blah blah. Instead the MFA took that view that if their enemy’s going to punch himself in the balls by belittling his own country, why rescue him from it?

Kilmeade knocked Trump not once but twice this morning, bringing up the tweet in the clip below and later in an exchange with Newt Gingrich. Smart money says he’s the only anchor today on America’s Most Patriotic Network besides Shep Smith to call him out. If anything, Tucker might spend his opening monologue defending the tweet. Don’t expect much from congressional Republicans either. Ben Sasse uncorked a series of accusatory tweets about Putin last night (before Trump’s “blame America” tweet this morning) but despite his best intentions I think that ends up doing more harm than good. All it does is highlight the impotence of Trump’s party in trying to check him. They’re not going to try to claw back any tariff power from him, they’re not going to try to block any deal he strikes with Putin. Twitter-farting is all they’ve got.

David Strom 6:41 PM on September 26, 2022