Neil Cavuto: Let's face it, that press conference was disgusting

Ah, I forgot about Neil when I predicted that Trump would take zero flak from Fox anchors besides Shep about his “blame America first” tweet this morning. It’s an embarrassing oversight given that Cavuto is known to throw roundhouses at him from time to time. This clip, which is really just a hard jab, is from his Fox Business program earlier; he’ll be on the air on Fox News for his afternoon show as this post goes live. Another roundhouse coming?

He wasn’t the only news anchor to take a swing at POTUS for his Putin press conference, although the others who did are more reliably adversarial. John King of CNN called it the “surrender summit” afterward whereas Anderson Cooper, well…

Drudge, normally a Trump ally, let him have it too:

So did another Fox host, one whose father happens to be … Trump’s ambassador to Russia?

Is Papa Huntsman going to resign in protest? If not, why not? Who wants to be an apparatchik for a guy who thinks the main problem with Russia hacking into American servers is Bob Mueller investigating it? Have an ounce of personal pride, for cripes sake.

I’m excited to see what Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham do with today’s fiasco. In theory it’s possible for Trump to be “too Trumpy” on policy even for the core of his media base. In practice, I don’t know. Tonight’s the acid test. Things look grim: Hannity, the “shadow chief of staff,” probably won’t criticize POTUS as a rule and Tucker, the anti-interventionist, might offer a full-throated defense of his Russophilia. Ingraham’s the last hope. No pressure!

Exit question: Has Trump lost Beck?

Beck opposed him bitterly in 2016, of course, then seemed to hop aboard the MAGA train two months ago because he was mad at the media or something. Has he banished himself to NeverTrump Island again?