Hillary: Forget the 1950s. This Kavanaugh character's taking us back to the 1850s.

He’s gonna put y’all back in chains, one might say.

A fine entry here for the SCOTUS chapter of “Sh*t Liberals Say” and a fine note on which to end the week via the Daily Caller, as it’s a preview of the hysteria to come and just a taste of the hysteria that’ll greet a true culture-warrior nominee like Barrett down the road. It’s also a reminder of why the left distrusts Hillary. A real progressive would have said that Kavanaugh’s taking us back to the 1750s.

Mitch McConnell expects our national journey back in time to begin in mid-September:

“The timetable typically, for recent Supreme Court Justices, if we stuck to that timetable, and I intend to, would give us an opportunity to get this new justice on the court by the 1st of October, and all of you may know that’s what’s called the October term,” McConnell told reporters back in his home state…

That largely comports with the timeline McConnell’s chief deputy, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, earlier in the week, though he peppered his example also with Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The Texas Republican said Thursday that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could have his confirmation vote on the floor around September 13.

They should aim to hold the vote on September 11th and tempt Schumer and the rest of the hysterics to do a round of “second 9/11” press releases. That’d be another solid “Sh*t Liberals Say” item.

Kudos to Hillary, at least, for somehow avoiding lapsing into her fake southern accent while belching out the 1850s line. She don’t feel no ways tahhherrrd.

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