Trump to Harley-Davidson: It hurts daddy when you build plants overseas

I can handle Demagogic Trump and Buffoonish-Tweet Trump. I can even sort of grudgingly stomach Grab ‘Em By The P***y Trump.

But Emo Trump is where I draw the line.


“I’ve done so much for you, and then this”?

If Harley really loved him, it’d be willing to go broke to prove it, I guess. He tweeted the following last night as well. “The Aura will be gone” is my favorite Dashboard Confessional album:

What does he mean in that last bit about taxing them? Does he think Harley’s going to be moving all production overseas and importing bikes back into the U.S.? They’re only moving production for the European market overseas to dodge the new Trump-inspired retaliatory tariffs on American goods there. Bikes for American consumers will still be made here.

Harley getting the John-Cusack-holding-a-boombox treatment from POTUS isn’t the most depressing tariff-related news today, though. This one’s personal:

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey prices will rise in the European Union (EU) due to the member countries’ new 25 percent tariff on imported U.S. whiskey.

Brown-Forman Corp. spokesman Phil Lynch told The Associated Press that the price of Jack Daniel’s in the EU will likely rise by about 10 percent, a change which will go into effect over the next couple of months.

How will I pay for whiskey once I’m deported to the EU for being a NeverTrump kulak? Even if I’m not deported, how will I afford Irish or Canadian brands once the inevitable retaliatory U.S. tariffs are slapped on them? You can’t cope with a Trump presidency as a conservatarian if you can’t afford to day-drink.


Perhaps Congress or the courts will solve our problem. The WSJ reports this afternoon that various U.S. manufacturers are planning to sue the White House over Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs, claiming that the “national-security” pretext Trump’s using to justify them is unconstitutional. Or, conceivably, congressional Republicans could moot the whole matter by passing Bob Corker’s bill and revoking Trump’s tariff power. McConnell said a few weeks ago that the bill would never pass the Senate and therefore didn’t warrant a vote. This morning, though, he sounded a bit more open to the idea, saying he’d take a look at it and claiming that he doesn’t object to holding a vote. But … that just can’t be true. Taking away Trump’s protectionist toys would mean nuclear war between him and the Senate GOP four months out from the midterms, a political disaster in the making for turnout, and McConnell knows it. If he lets Corker’s bill come to the floor, it can only be because he’s confident it won’t get 67 votes to override a potential Trump veto. Can’t wait to find out who the 34 anti-trade Republicans are!

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