Sunday morning talking heads

It’s a strange line-up on the Sunday shows this morning after a week of uproar about child separation at the border, although maybe not so strange given the political circumstances. No one from the administration is booked as I write this on Saturday. No Kirstjen Nielsen, no Mike Pence, no Marc Short, no one from ICE or Border Patrol. Maybe one or more will be late additions. Or maybe not: With the policy polling terribly and now canceled by POTUS via executive order, why would any of them be eager to talk about it?

Another surprise is the dearth of House Republicans booked to discuss their endless immigration kabuki that’ll drag on into another week tomorrow. Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Mark Meadows, Carlos Curbelo, Jeff Denham — all major players in the haggling over the GOP bill, all unscheduled as of Saturday. Perhaps that’s no real surprise either. The entire process has been a fiasco, from the threats of a discharge petition to force a vote on amnesty for DREAMers to the confusion over what’ll end up in the compromise bill between centrists and conservatives to Trump pulling the rug out from under Ryan on Friday. Everyone might as well lie low.

Instead the star guests this morning are senators, all of whom will be grilled on border enforcement and what to do about the now-reunited illegal families in detention. Trump frenemy Bob Corker will lead on “Face the Nation”; Bernie Sanders and Ron Johnson will stop by “State of the Union”; and Angus King and James Lankford will appear on “Meet the Press.” The full line-up is at the AP.

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