Hot new left-wing protest idea: Let's occupy Fox News and shut it down

When you hate fascism so much you’re ready to silence opposition media to stop it.

Coming soon: “The only way to stop these vicious pro-internment right-wingers is by herding them into camps.”

That tweet has more than 10,000 “likes” as I write this as well as a retweet from “respectable” Obama crony turned podcaster Dan Pfeiffer. Here’s a little more from Savage, a prominent relationship columnist and dabbler in minor biological warfare, famous on the right for copping years ago to having licked doorknobs to spread germs to Republicans. Compared to trying to shut down the enemy with disease, shutting down their media via occupation is pretty chill. He’s mellowing in his old age:

She’s not just being shouted at when she goes out. A woke mob gathered outside Nielsen’s home in Virginia this morning, chanting and playing audio from HHS shelters where immigrants kids are being held. Maybe tomorrow they’ll occupy her home, or even take a swing at her. What could be more anti-fascist than sending a political enemy to the hospital?

Here’s Geraldo this morning calling out his own network for being too complacent about child separation on the president’s favorite show. That’s another reason to hope Savage’s plot fails: Given the influence “Fox & Friends” has over Trump, if lefties stormed the studio and took over the program he’d be ready to sign single-payer within 45 minutes.