I'm sick and tired of these self-congratulatory Democratic elitists, says ... Chris Matthews?

Via the IJR, good lord. He uncorked this on Scarborough’s show, no less.

It’s not that surprising. Matthews has always been more of an old-school liberal than the newfangled ostentatiously woke variety. Years before he got a thrill up his leg over Obama he got one over RFK, who was among the most elite of all liberals in terms of background but who ran for president as a champion of the working class. Matthews’s speech here is clearly aimed mainly at Hillary “Deplorables” Clinton but I wonder if he realizes his jabs about highfalutin education, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, and congratulating oneself endlessly on one’s own virtue apply just as well to his hero Obama.

O is probably immunized from that critique, though. To become the first black president he had to overcome sufficiently long odds that no amount of elitism later can spoil the “anyone can be what they want” American-dream appeal of his story. Hillary, though? Between her “deplorables” comments, the Wall Street speeches, the megabucks charity galas with celebs and foreign officials, her decades in the corridors of power in D.C., and her unflattering comparison to Bill in terms of working-class appeal, she’s the poster girl for this critique. Never mind that she has her own American-dream story as the first woman major-party nominee for president.

Exit question: Are there any prospective Democratic nominees in 2020 who’d pass the Matthews test *and* who wouldn’t turn 80 in their first term as president? Slim pickings!