Samantha Bee: Ivanka Trump certainly is a feckless c*nt

Via the Free Beacon, something new from late-night comedy’s loudest and proudest feminist. A little truth here from David Rutz:

Bee is “in the family,” to borrow a memorable phrase from liberal paterfamilias Jeffrey Goldberg. But Rutz is right that Kimmel or Colbert or any male host who’s also “in the family” would have taken some heat for saying this. It wouldn’t have been a firing offense a la Roseanne’s racist joke and an apology would have been duly offered, probably in the course of blaming Trump for letting their temper momentarily cloud their good judgment. (“It’s just this war and that lying son of a bitch Johnson!”) Family can always be forgiven but there are times when they need “correction.”

Even Bee probably would have had to apologize, though, if she had leveled this at a left-wing woman, as hard to imagine as that is. If she’d called Jill Stein a see-you-next-Tuesday for pulling key votes from Hillary in the Rust Belt, some perfunctory remorse might need to be arranged. The reason Bee dropped the C-bomb, which is rare even on pay TV, is because all the stars had aligned here and she knew it — she’s in the family, she’s a woman, the policy she’s describing is deeply loathed by Democrats, and her target was not just a woman affiliated with the right but Trump’s favorite child/advisor. Given a chance to utter one of the few remaining taboo words on television with impunity, knowing the sweet, sweet clapter it would produce, how could she resist?

It’s strange and interesting that the left continues to reach for ways to punish Ivanka Trump for the political sins of her father. Her grievous failing here, supposedly, was posting a photo of herself cuddling her child amid Trump’s new separation policy at the border; she got front-page treatment a few weeks ago as “Daddy’s Little Ghoul” when she attended the U.S. embassy opening in Jerusalem while the IDF was busy beating back the Hamas “protests” at the Gaza border. A year ago that would seem like a clear-cut case of “the family” punishing one of its own members — Ivanka and Jared are, or were, Democrats — for the grievous betrayal of, ah, working for her actual family. A year later, with Ivanka’s influence on policy seemingly minimal and her and Jared deeply estranged from their Democratic friends, it’s odd that they continue to look for tenuous reasons to drag her into the middle of their feud with Trump. Are they still so surprised and butthurt that she somehow failed to turn her demagogic reactionary father into a neoliberal Democrat in good standing? Is it that she’s glamorous and it’s always fun to throw mud at people like that? I don’t get it.

Update: I know who the next political enemy to be called a c*nt on Bee’s show is!