Nikki Haley to UN on Gaza riots: "No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has"

True, and no other country in the region would be expected to act with restraint. Good luck to any Yemenis “protesting” at the Saudi border, for instance. There’d be 10 times as many shot and the UN wouldn’t blink.

Her quote about the kite-flying Hamas “protester” is also accurate, although she neglected to mention what else he said.

What are they doing with kites, you ask? The Jerusalem Post explains. When he says he wants Jews to burn, he’s not exaggerating:

The protests have been organized around five locations next to Israel’s security fence. Over the eight weeks they took place they used different tactics and methods. For instance protesters began lighting massive fires with burning tires on the second Friday, April 6. They began launching fire kites into Israel, to set fields aflame. They also tore down a section of one of the fences’ barbed wire on April 27. It was during that protest that a reliable source provides some insight into the methods that Hamas and the protesters have used…

As the young men burn tires, and others prepare Molotov cocktails, or slingshots, some prepare kites to fly. The goal of the protesters is to get to the fence and, with select groups of young men who have brought wire cutters, to cut through. Most of them don’t make it this far. But some of them do.

They’re armed, they’re trying to enter the country without authorization, and they’re supported by an eliminationist terror group. It’s not a “protest” or illegal immigration. It’s an attempted invasion, however small in scale. It’s not like they’re hiding their intentions, either:

If they make it through the fence and kill a few Israelis, that’s a win for Hamas. If they get gunned down while trying, *that’s* a win for Hamas because it’ll be spun disingenuously by global media as the IDF shooting “protesters” willy nilly. You know the playbook after watching this for so many years, as does the press. Erick Erickson’s right: To believe that the media is “falling for” Hamas propaganda at this point gives them way too much credit.

The media has gone into this as a willful, knowing accomplice with Hamas, a terrorist group. The media has gotten played so much, the media knows exactly what is happening and the media is allowing it to happen. Many of those killed turned out to be directly working with Hamas, a terrorist group. It was that terrorist group that organized the storming of the border knowing people would get killed. It is the media passing by this story suggesting Israel has no other choice but to let people storm its border and oppose an embassy the media itself has a subtle editorial bias against.

There is no campaign to fool the media here. The campaign was waged long ago to get the media on the side of the Palestinians and their terrorist allies. Ever since, the media has just been doing their bidding.

The only thing that’s changed in 20 years is a little extra motivation for looking the other way at Hamas’s cynical game:

I mean, really:

Here’s Haley. As I write this, news is breaking that Hamas’s apologist-in-chief in Turkey has expelled Israel’s ambassador to protest the IDF not letting jihadi fanatics knock down the fence and pour into the country. Israel has since expelled the Turkish consul to reciprocate. How nice for Hamas that there’s still at least one cretinous Sunni ruler willing to stick up for them.