The taunting of Russell Westbrook

Is it too early for a palate cleanser? What if that palate cleanser featured the next Republican senator from Utah giving the na-na-goodbye treatment to the reigning NBA MVP as he headed to the bench after drawing his fourth foul of the first half?

I thought the goofiest dad move we’d see this week was Jay Feely brandishing a pistol in front of his daughter’s prom date. But Mitt Romney wearing a Jazz jersey over a button-down shirt and talking smack at a playoff game raises the bar.

Actually, Mitt Romney doing pretty much anything is a candidate for goofiest dad move of the week.

It wasn’t just any jersey either. Dude:

He had a custom jersey with his own name on it. If he were 12 and back at school, he’d spend the next week being wedgied. As for the number, that’s currently worn by Jazz guard David Stockton although my guess is Romney chose it for other reasons — probably for the number of kids he has. Or the number of candidacies he’s had since 1994. Remember, he’s not a career politician.

Exit question: If he’d pandered this visibly to the locals last week, would he have fared better at the state GOP convention? Probably not, no.

Update: I should have known. Turns out Romney was wearing that jersey for charity, as a good deed: “Although point guard David Stockton currently wears No. 5, the jersey was a gift Romney received for supporting ‘5 For the Fight,’ a charity working with the Jazz to raise $50 million to donate to cancer research, Mike Maughan, a co-founder of the foundation, told CNN.” This is a guy who was willing to take a punch to the face from Evander Holyfield for charity, remember.

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