Sunday morning talking heads

Everything’s on the menu for news brunch this fine Sunday morning. Foreign leaders? Yep: French President Emmanuel Macron will be on “Fox News Sunday” to make the case for Trump staying put in Syria while Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif swings by “Face the Nation” to make the case for Trump leaving. Zarif will also be asked about the looming demise of the Iranian nuclear deal. If we’re about to tear that up and escalate with Tehran, waltzing out of Syria at the same time seems … counterintuitive.

U.S. senators? They’re on the menu too. Susan Collins and Tom Cotton will appear on “Meet the Press” and “Face the Nation,” respectively, to discuss Mike Pompeo’s chances of being confirmed, progress in getting North Korea to denuclearize, and the possibility that Trump will wildly scramble what’s left of the GOP agenda this year by suddenly firing Rod Rosenstein or Bob Mueller. The senator to watch, though, is Bob Corker, who’ll sit down with “This Week” and “State of the Union.” Corker’s in the news for shanking the GOP in Tennessee by talking up Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen at Marsha Blackburn’s expense. Mitch McConnell had to pull him aside on the Senate floor afterward and politely ask him to shut his yapper going forward. Will he? We’ll find out.

Political players? They’re on tap this morning as well. The star guest is arguably DNC chair Tom Perez, who’ll be on “This Week” and “Meet the Press” to discuss the Committee’s new publicity stunt/GOTV gimmick/lawsuit against the Trump campaign and Russia. And Kellyanne Conway will drop by “State of the Union,” which is worth watching if only because her CNN interviews almost invariably turn into quarrelsome trainwrecks. The full line-up is at the AP.