Report: Seahawks postpone Kaepernick workout because he won't promise to stop kneeling during anthem

The coach is a 9/11 Truther and the players are sufficiently activist as to have earned the title of “the social justice warriors of the NFL.” They just missed the playoffs for the first time in seven years too, so football’s basically their side gig now vis-a-vis politics.

Kaepernick would be a perfect fit.

Remember that he’s filed a grievance against the league claiming that teams have colluded to keep him out of the sport due to his politics. It occurs to me that telling a guy he can’t work out for you until he promises to stop kneeling during the anthem might not be helpful to the league’s defense.

The Seahawks had contacted Kaepernick about two weeks ago to arrange a visit to the team’s headquarters, but after tentative arrangements were made and travel was planned, the trip was unexpectedly scuttled over the Seahawks’ last-minute stipulation regarding Kaepernick’s anthem stance, a source told ESPN.

The source said the Seahawks wanted to know that Kaepernick wouldn’t kneel this season, and he was unwilling to give that assurance to them…

This comes at a time in which the Cincinnati Bengals visited with San Francisco 49ers free-agent safety Eric Reid, who knelt with Kaepernick during the anthem, and wanted assurances from Reid that he would not participate in on-field activism.

A reporter for the NFL Network says there was no “no kneeling” ultimatum specifically but it sounds like that’s what it amounted to in practice:

Apart from ordering someone’s murder or murdering them yourself, kneeling during the anthem is pretty much the only thing you can do to make yourself unemployable by the NFL:

I don’t know how the Seahawks or anyone else could expect Kaepernick to renounce kneeling at this point as a condition of signing him. It’d be devastating to his many woke fans. He has more stature now as a martyr-activist to the left than he ever had as a player; America’s many unreadable left-leaning sportswriters will be writing maudlin tributes to him for the next 30 years. Even if they didn’t, Kaepernick seems sufficiently committed to his causes that he might refuse on principle to promise not to kneel, seeing it as a capitulation in his test of will with his critics. Why would he give up his beliefs and his cache as a minor progressive protest icon to go sit on the bench behind Russell Wilson for a mediocre Seahawks team?

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