Michael Cohen: Yes, I'm worried, but the FBI was super courteous and professional

Dude, it’s happening. He’s gonna roll over.

Tom Hagen never would have rolled over.

I would have expected snarlin’ Michael Cohen, top Trump lackey and a man known for being colorfully blunt about what he’ll do to people who make trouble for him, to have been defiant after the raid. Trump’s foursquare behind him, after all. Grassroots righties are treating the raid as a deep-state putsch, with Cohen as the sympathetic victim. If ever there was a moment for an “I’ll fight like hell” war cry, this is it. Instead Cohen sounds like he’s ready to make coffee for the FBI agents rifling through his papers. Maybe, like Rod Rosenstein and the magistrate judge who signed off on his search warrant, he has good reason to think he’s in big trouble.

“I am unhappy to have my personal residence and office raided. But I will tell you that members of the FBI that conducted the search and seizure were all extremely professional, courteous and respectful. And I thanked them at the conclusion,” Cohen said in a phone conversation on Tuesday with CNN.

Asked if he was worried, Cohen said; “I would be lying to you if I told that I am not. Do I need this in my life? No. Do I want to be involved in this? No.”…

Cohen did not fault the FBI agents who conducted the raid at his house, office and a hotel where he is temporarily staying…

He said that he is very loyal to Trump but after what happened on Monday, he’d rethink how he handled the payments to Daniels because of the impact on his family.

He continues to say there was nothing improper about how the Daniels matter was handled but that’s impossible to believe. The best-case scenario for him at this point is that (a) the payment to Daniels is somehow deemed not to have been a campaign contribution even though Cohen didn’t think to get her to sign an NDA about a five-year-old affair until three weeks before the 2016 election, and (b) it turns out that Cohen really did sign the hush-money agreement on Trump’s behalf, as his lawyer, but never told Trump the details, which would merely be a major ethical breach instead of a criminal violation. Hard days ahead for him. The only question is how hard.


Her lawyer teased a bit more about that earlier:

The detail about holding back the sketch for now is interesting. Maybe that’s just Avenatti hype. Or maybe the feds want to use it as leverage over Cohen, thinking he may have had something to do with the threat made to Daniels years ago in Vegas. They may be racing to identify the man now and to talk to him before he realizes for sure that they’re onto him. Imagine what he might have to say about Cohen (and Trump?) if he wakes up to a dozen FBI agents banging on his door.

Sounds like POTUS is about ready to bring in the big guns:

Might be too late at this point for Alan Dershowitz legal magic, though. Here’s Avenatti on MSNBC last night claiming that he feels a bit sorry for Cohen, whom he expects will be forced to be Trump’s fall guy. Quote: “I think when push comes to shove he’s going to fold like a cheap deck of cards.” Is he right?

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023