What if the Jimmy Kimmel/Sean Hannity feud never ends?

It’s not the feud America needs, it’s the feud America deserves. It started earlier this week when Kimmel did a bit goofing on Melania Trump’s accent. Hannity took exception in a segment on Wednesday night:

Kimmel responded on his own show last night:

Those are the appetizers. The main course is currently being served on Twitter, where the two have been brawling for the better part of 24 hours. There are too many insults to link so you’re advised to click over to Hannity’s and Kimmel’s feeds and follow it blow by blow yourself. (Hannity’s tweeting much more often than Kimmel is, for what it’s worth.) Themes have emerged. To Hannity, Kimmel is a pervert, an “assclown,” and “Harvey Weinstein Jr” because of his famously crass, sexist jokes as co-host of “The Man Show” back in the day. To Kimmel, Hannity is Trump’s catamite. A taste:


Little more:


At one point this afternoon Kimmel riffed on Hannity’s “assclown” jabs by tweeting a now-deleted photoshop of him bent over a bed with a clown behind him. Get it?

Hannity’s promising more attacks while Kimmel seems bored, which is what you’d expect. Kimmel’s a fine target for Fox News primetime because of his recent habit of liberal sermonizing during his “comedy” show. If you want to ding Hollywood leftists for hypocrisy, rubbing Kimmel’s face in his ethnic jab at Mrs. Trump and his “Man Show” work is irresistible. Cable news grooves on moral outrage so Hannity can hammer this as much as he wants. Kimmel, though, is still nominally a comic act and Hannity is easy pickings, and there are only so many “ur gay 4 Trump” jokes you can make. It’ll get boring fast for him. And unlike Hannity, he’s not invested in “winning” here. Hannity has to “win” because that’s what grassroots political media cred requires. Kimmel doesn’t really care beyond some easy gags he can wring from the bickering.

One thing, though. It’s weird that Hannity’s focus shifted so quickly from scolding Kimmel for mocking Melania Trump’s accent to scolding him for his sexist “Man Show” nonsense. It’s a fair cop since it complicates Kimmel’s “enlightened” posturing but it’s shakier ground for Hannity to fight on. As Kimmel has already noted, his best buddy Trump has been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Hannity had Bill O’Reilly, who’s settled multiple harassment lawsuits, back on his show even after Fox News had dismissed him for bad behavior. And Hannity went to bat for Roger Ailes after harassment allegations against him first surfaced. Kimmel could do 20 minutes easy on Fox News’s troubles and let his viewers judge whether he or Fox most deserves the title of “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” Why wouldn’t Hannity just stick to slapping him for making fun of the First Lady? Weird.

He’s promising another segment tonight at 9 about Kimmel. Stay tuned.