Andrew McCabe: Now that you've given me half a million dollars, I think I can shut down my GoFundMe page

Man, what a grift. I remind you at the outset that, contrary to popular belief, it’s not true that McCabe lost his pension when Jeff Sessions fired him on the eve of his retirement. What he lost was the right to qualify for that pension early, at age 50. He’ll need to wait now until he’s 57 to begin receiving money. Or, to put this in private-sector lingo, instead of being able to retire comfortably 15 years before a private-sector worker might, he’ll only be able to do so eight years before.

In the meantime, there’s no end to the ways he can monetize “Resistance” pique at Trump. Just follow the Comey model. First comes the bestselling book, then come some speaking gigs, maybe a paid job writing anti-Trump analysis for some website, a contributor’s role on CNN, on and on. And in case all of that’s not enough to pay the bills, it so happens that Mrs. McCabe is not just a doctor but medical director of the pediatric emergency unit at a well-respected hospital in Virginia. McCabe will be fine.

But Trump hates him and that’s good enough reason for liberals to shower with him cash. His initial GoFundMe target for his “legal defense” was $250,000; three days later he’s at $540,000 and counting. This is a guy, remember, who was fired for cause on the recommendation of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility after being flagged for “lack of candor” by the DOJ’s Inspector General. He’s shutting his fundraising page down tonight, possibly because even he’s grossed out watching lefties push bundles of money at an upper-class family from suburban Virginia just because Trump dislikes them.

“The outpouring of support on GoFundMe has been simply overwhelming and has led to contributions that have left us stunned and extraordinarily grateful. The GoFundMe campaign began organically, with generous people spontaneously giving to accounts that others had set up. I never imagined that I would need to rely on this type of assistance. The fact is that if I am going to continue taking a stand against the unfair way I have been treated, I will need the help of a talented and courageous team behind me. Hopefully our efforts, fueled by your incredible support, will encourage others to stand up for themselves, and the truth, as well. It is not lost on me that each contribution reflects not just someone’s well wishes, but also their acknowledgement that something in this situation is not fair or just. We wish to thank every donor from the bottom of our hearts for your support.”

McCabe swears that the funds will be used for legal defense only, not for a court battle to try to get his hands on that sweet, sweet early-retirement money. We’ll see. Meanwhile, Glenn Greenwald had some fun running the numbers on how much the McCabes are worth — their home alone is valued at over a million dollars — and who exactly has been been promoting the GoFundMe page to Democrats. Who else but Rachel Maddow, the Resistance’s favorite cable-news host?

So here’s the nation’s 14th highest-paid TV star, just behind Blake Shelton of The Voice and the stars of Grey’s Anatomy, who earns at least $7 million per year from her Comcast salary alone (i.e, beyond her book and appearance income), successfully encouraging small donors who follow and watch her to charitably donate their money to a rich federal police officer who is married to a doctor and who lives in an extremely expensive home in the the richest county of the world’s wealthiest nation.

The next time you’re feeling pessimistic about the nature of humanity, just reflect on this touching act of compassion and empathy for the needy. By the way, the now-closed GoFundMe campaign for the family of Stephon Clark — the 22-year-old father of two young children who, while he was unarmed after he ran to his grandmother’s backyard, was gunned down by Sacramento Police with seven bullets in his back, while he took 10 minutes to die as the police officers who shot him did not call for medical help — generated $83,000 in donations, or 1/7 of what has been raised (thus far) for McCabe.

Nothing but nothing drives small-money political donations nowadays like spite. McCabe did $500,000+ from Democrats eager to spite Trump. I think the NRA’s fundraising windfall after the Parkland shooting was also mainly due to spite. There’s always a tremor after a mass shooting among gun-rights supporters that the backlash will lead to new gun regulations but that risk is as low right now as it can conceivably be with the GOP in charge of all arms of the federal government. Spite makes more sense than fear under the circumstances as a prime motive. Gun owners watched the media advocate out and out for gun control in the aftermath while liberal guests on cable news relentlessly flogged the NRA itself. What better way to extend a middle finger back at them than by cutting a check?

I think spite even explains a phenomenon like this. Paul Ryan’s Democratic House challenger is a total no-shot even if the blue wave gathers this fall, but he’s still raking in millions. Are there dopey liberals out there capable of being convinced that he has a chance to win? Sure, but most aren’t under any illusions, I suspect. Donating to the other guy isn’t about winning, it’s about flipping Ryan the bird. Same with McCabe’s “legal defense.” If Trump tweeted something this afternoon mocking him for rattling his tin cup, the total take would double before nightfall.

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