David Hogg: Here's a Media Matters list of 100+ Laura Ingraham advertisers for people to boycott

He’s going to teach his enemies to love they neighbor even if he has to wreck every last one of their sorry asses to do it. Just like Jesus said.

His tactics are consistent, if nothing else. Marco Rubio tried to find a middle ground with the Parkland students by offering legislation to reduce gun violence and Hogg dismissed him, insisting that, if anything, the attacks on Rubio should get more provocative. Ingraham tried to mollify him and his allies by apologizing for mocking him and Hogg dismissed her, claiming that she was only doing it to avert a boycott. He’s actually expanded the list of boycott targets thanks to Fox nemesis Media Matters since she offered her apology this morning.

I remind you again at this point that his beef with Ingraham has nothing to do with policy, gun or otherwise. She goofed on him for not getting into college. And now She Must Pay.

Facts, not fear. Okay, then. Here’s his schoolmate, Kyle Kashuv, rolling out some facts. The entire thread is too long to reprint below but you can read it all by clicking here and scrolling down.

The bad news: If this boycott picks up, Ingraham could be in trouble at 10 p.m. on Fox. The good news: Kashuv sounds like he’d make a fine replacement. It’s gonna be so, so weird when he and Hogg at CNN are battling in that time slot next year.

Maybe Hogg will have a change of heart, if only because it’s extremely bad politics to let the energy for the big anti-gun push get rerouted into dunking on Ingraham for goofing on him. I fully understand that the last six weeks have mostly been about catharsis and that pummeling Ingraham feels oh so good to leftists, but even people who are unsympathetic to her are cringing because he won’t accept the apology and moving on. I told you he was a liability to his side. This is further proof.

As I write this at 8:30 ET, by the way, seven advertisers have bailed on her. The latest is Hulu.