Endgame: Majority of millennials say they ... somewhat enjoy filing their taxes

We’ve failed as a people to raise our children right. And now?

Now we face a generation of monsters.

Next stop: Full communism.

Two possible explanations. One: Younger adults “somewhat enjoy” doing their taxes because they all use TurboTax or H&R Block’s online software or whatever and they’re done in 45 minutes. It’s a breeze. You plug in or even import the key numbers, click a few buttons, and suddenly your return’s done and being processed by the IRS. It’s like taking a short test with the answers right in front of you, and at the end you get … money! Sometimes thousands of dollars. An overwhelming majority of all returns result in a refund, in fact. Half the dopes who said they enjoy doing their taxes probably don’t understand that the money they’re getting back is just the principal of an interest-free loan they were required to make to Uncle Sam via withholding.

The other possibility: No, really, they’re trending communist. From Pew:

On the other hand, why blame all millennials when we can blame the real culprit, millennial women?

You know how millennial women are, always going on and on about how fun it is to do their taxes. Do you suppose the very recent collapse in support for Republicans among that group might have something to do with Trump too or nah?

I’m going with theory one, that it’s tax software that millennials enjoy more so than communism, mainly because they’re not the group with the most arresting shift towards Democrats over the past 15 years or so. The age gap among voters is dramatic but the education gap is really dramatic:

The GOP destroyed Democrats among college grads in the big red wave year of 1994 and was no worse than even with them all the way up to, uh, 2016. They were competitive with postgrads for awhile too, until Dubya started beating the drums for war in Iraq circa 2002. Republicans are a blue-collar party now if only by process of elimination.