Dem senator on when Hillary will quit politics: "Not soon enough"

Go figure that Heidi Heitkamp, who’s fighting for her political life in the very red state of North Dakota, isn’t keen on Her Majesty’s theory that Trump won all of America’s most racist, backwards-looking places.

Are we going to see some Hillary-related attacks ads from the GOP this fall? In a vacuum that would seem pathetic (and will be attacked as pathetic by Democrats, of course), as there’s no sense kicking a presidential loser. Sean Hannity’s nightly fixation on Hillary scandals has become a punchline for liberals on political Twitter, in the belief that she stopped mattering to everyone early on the morning of November 9, 2016. Various elements of her defeat suggested she might receive more than the usual amount of public sympathy for a losing candidate, too. She won the popular vote; she very nearly made history by becoming the first woman president; she endured the heartbreak of losing an election that the whole world expected her to win; and the guy who ended up beating her ain’t real popular these days. After the left’s anger at her for blowing a winnable race subsided, she might have enjoyed a boost in popularity. She could have been a somewhat effective figure for Democrats this year. In theory.

But in practice, Hillary is Hillary. Remember this poll from December?

Amazingly, a year after the election, she was more disliked than ever. You can thank her buck-passing book tour for that, plus lingering resentment among progressives at her and the DNC for tilting the primary field towards Clinton and away for a potentially more electable candidate in Bernie Sanders. Now, three months later, she’s uncorked another “deplorables” incident, right at the moment that her party was pulling off a big win in a red district in Pennsylvania. Suddenly vulnerable red-state Dems like Heitkamp are saddled with a new toxic soundbite. Clinton’s become a pure liability for the party, a figure disliked by both left and right and acknowledged as a problem even by neoliberals otherwise well disposed to her. As such, why shouldn’t the GOP try to make her relevant again via attack ads? She’s the reigning party nominee. Literally every voter in America knows who she is. The attitude she displayed in that new “deplorables” clip is by no means unique to her within the Democratic establishment and we all know it. The RNC should grind Heitkamp’s and Tester’s and McCaskill’s and Donnelly’s and Manchin’s and Brown’s faces in it.

Here’s Kellyanne Conway on Fox this morning, daring to suggest that Bill Clinton’s most enduring enabler, who just a few days ago accused white women of voting how the men in their lives tell them to, who was known to go easy on sexual harassers within her own campaigns, might not be an entirely legit feminist.