CNN anchor to Florida Dem: Why isn't Marco Rubio, who's been focused on gun violence for weeks, focused on gun violence?

Here’s what Rubio gets for agreeing to be the scapegoat for CNN’s lynch-mob town hall on gun control a few weeks ago. Why is it, asks anchor Alisyn Camerota, that at a moment when other Florida politicians are focused on preventing the next Parkland, Marco Rubio is introducing legislation about … Daylight Saving Time?

She doesn’t ask this as part of a monologue, either. She’s teeing it up for House Democrat Ted Deutch. It’s the equivalent of Fox News asking a House Republican about some goofy new proposal from Nancy Pelosi. It’s not a “question” so much as an invitation to go off on the bad guys for the audience’s amusement.

It’s not news that CNN is in the tank, particularly on the issue of guns. What’s newsy here is that there’s no Republican in Congress who’s been more aggressive in floating legislation about gun violence since the Parkland shooting than Rubio has. And you don’t need to dig deep online to find that out. It’s all been chronicled on his website. Here’s the one-page fact sheet of his various proposals. A timeline of just the past two weeks:

March 1: Rubio announces his intention on the Senate floor to introduce legislation to reduce school shootings
March 5: Rubio introduces the Stop School Violence Act
March 5: Rubio co-sponsors the NICS Denial Notification Act with Pat Toomey, Chris Coons, and Bill Nelson
March 5: Rubio calls on the Department of Education to tighten guidelines for reporting dangerous behavior at school to law enforcement
March 7: Rubio and Nelson introduce a bill to make “gun-violence prevention orders” available to law enforcement
March 7: Rubio co-sponsors a bill with 12 other senators to increase funding for school counselors, alarm systems, security cameras and crisis intervention training
March 13: Rubio, Nelson and several other senators hold a press conference to promote the Stop School Violence Act
March 14: Rubio testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee to promote his plans to reduce shootings

That doesn’t include everything he’s proposing. Per his fact sheet, he also supports the Fix NICS Act to tighten up the background-check system and wants Congress to work with Trump to ban bump stocks. Whether or not you like his solutions, he’s not blowing off the issue. As for his bill to keep Daylight Saving Time year-round nationwide, to some extent his hand was forced on that. Florida’s state legislature passed a bill a few days ago that would maintain DST locally year-round but they need a fix to federal law before they can make that happen. Rubio’s just doing a little constituent service by introducing that fix for them.

And naturally, despite his very recent work on school shootings, he’s getting killed on CNN for having his priorities wildly out of whack.

Why would any Republican go on this network, particularly to discuss the subject of gun control?