Tucker Carlson: Let's face it, if Obama had called for ignoring due process to seize guns we'd say he was a dictator

A reminder that Tucker is a nationalist first and a Trump fan second. Unlike the guy at 9 p.m. on Fox, if POTUS crosses him ideologically too sharply, he’ll let him have it.

Since he’s dropping truthbombs, though, let me drop one on him. Trump does something literally every day, sometimes more than once a day, that would drive the right bananas had Obama done it. Telling Mike Pence on live television that the police should grab someone’s guns and worry about adjudicating their rights to those guns later is an extreme “What if Obama did it?” example, so glaring that even Fox primetime couldn’t let it pass. But there’s no reason to stop there. What if Obama’s son-in-law was holding policy meetings at the White House with bankers who later approved his family firm for hundreds of millions in loans? What if Obama was in a public feud with his own Attorney General, whom he disparaged regularly for not protecting him from a DOJ investigation? What if Obama’s top comms aide coincidentally resigned the day after testifying before a House committee that she’s told “white lies” on his behalf?

What if Obama tweeted something as batsh*t as “trade wars are good”?


What if he tweeted that within an hour of publicly attacking the guy who’s impersonating him on “Saturday Night Live”? We would think he had suffered some sort of brain damage. The 25th Amendment would be a hotter topic on the right than it’s been over the past six months on the left.

All of that happened with Trump in the span of two days. Two days. How much of it was hammered in the 8-11 block on Fox the way it would be hammered during an Obama presidency?

Rapping Trump for his gun heresies is easy because it’s a rare issue on which POTUS is dramatically crosswise with his base. Plus, no one expects him to stand firm on his positions once the NRA and John Kelly and Donald Jr and a hundred other right-wing influencers get to whispering to him. He’ll change his mind tomorrow, assuming he hasn’t already, so there’s little risk in staking out the loud-and-proud gun-rights-defender position. Risky would be tackling his inane trade positions in front of a blue-collar audience that’s sympathetic to them or recognizing the painfully obvious fact that the Trump children and their spouses are far too financially compromised to be allowed to serve in the White House in an influential role. There’s a lot of truthbombs left to be dropped!

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