Sunday morning talking heads

Until around noon on Friday there was no question what the lead topic of today’s Sunday shows would be. Then Bob Mueller threw the media a curveball by indicting 13 Russians for interference in the 2016 campaign and TV bookers had to scramble.

The star guest on the Parkland massacre is Mark Kelly, a.k.a. Gabby Giffords’s husband, who’ll be on “Fox News Sunday” to pound the table for gun control again. An interesting follow-up guest on the same program: Rush Limbaugh, who’ll be on to chitchat about guns, Russiagate, an immigration deal, and his recently developed disinterest in America’s crushing debt problem.

On the Mueller indictments, the top guest is — who else? — Adam Schiff, who’s never yet turned down an open mic to slam Trump and Republicans over Russiagate. He’ll be on “State of the Union,” followed by John Kasich. Who’ll also end up bashing Republicans for all sorts of things, let’s face it.

If none of that interests you, Tim Scott and Trump critic extraordinaire Jeff Flake will appear on “Face the Nation” to discuss the diminishing prospects of an immigration deal in the Senate. The full line-up is at the AP.